Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh how it Rained!

Year 6 camp was to be a grand one.  Overnight tenting at Bowentown camp-ground, a hike over to Shelley Bay, swimming, snorkelling, BMX biking and a touch of fishing before a graduation dinner at the Flat White Cafe at night. 
The next day we intended to cycle down to the Waihi Beach Surf Life Saving club, where we were to join the rest of the school for a Beach Education programme.

 Well........ it didn't work out quite like that! 

Oh how it rained!

We did get to swim.

 And we did get to eat!

 No matter, we had a good time anyway!

 Down at the Surf Life Saving Club the lifeguards and the rest of the school was waiting.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

It was all go on Friday 1st of November.

After lots and lots of practice it was all go at Waimata on Friday afternoon.  Running, jumping, hurling, throwing, and putting the 'shot', everyone had a go at everything.
The sprints were very competitive.  They were followed by the relays.  It was a race between 6 teams with big and little all mixed up.  Even Zavai, who has only been at school a couple of days, gave everything a go!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Some of These Children Could go Far!

Our last event of the term was the Talent Quest. This was attended by many family members and it was great to see some new faces among them. (Mind you, who wouldn't want to see these children perform!)

On the recorders, Alanah and Taylar, Equa and Kimi were intrepid musicians.  The ballet dancers Taine, John and Blake were in perfect synchrony accompanied as they were by Whaea Kate on the piano.

Our duet, Taylar and Landau on the other hand sang without any accompaniment at all!  Well done girls.  Sarah and Brieanah ad libbed their way through a romantic fairy story with hand made props and Taine was the lone magician.

The overwhelming stars were the dancers.  The girls from room 2, choreographed by themselves and performed beautifully and the two acts from Room 3 put together with lots of personal talent fostered by Mrs Roycroft and Mrs Hose.

 We should have entered these acts in the Waihi Beach Talent Quest.  We would have been winners for sure!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Super heroes Super Fun at the Waimata Disco! August 30th

 Our Disco.
Almost everyone from Waimata was here and many of our friends and family as well.   The hall was all decorated with streamers and balloons and Tina brought amazing stamp on lights which were laid out on the floor. 
The dancing started at 6pm and went on until almost eight.  There were prizes for the best costumes,  best dancers and last in, for games like spin the bottle.  We did the limbo and  the Mexican hop.  When we got hot or short on energy there were cool drinks and snacks to revitalise us. 

 What fun!

Healthy Food From all Around the World Finds it's way to Breakfast Tables at Waimata School

Our latest inquiry was around how climate and physical location affect what food countries produce and what the people eat for breakfast.
We divided into groups, Spanish, Mexican, German, Filipino,  French and Japanese.  We located our country on a map of the world and researched what we would eat for breakfast.  The teachers helped us prepare the breakfast and we helped them to eat it!  


Then a week later we all met for breakfast at school.  But this one was a real kiwi breakfast; boiled eggs, toast, weetbix, stewed fruit and, of course, Fonterra milk!  It was kind of fun sitting down to eat breakfast together in Room 5.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thank you Fonterra!

At Waimata we receive free milk to supplement our diet and ensure healthy bones.  Fonterra Milk for Schools is meticulously planned to provide for more than just physical health however.  We are shown how to fold each empty carton, along with the straws and to place them in a bin provided and collected by Fonterra.  The contents are collected and sent to Thailand.  There they are recycled and converted into a number of commodities, one of which is roofing tiles.  This opens our children's eyes to the possibilities of recycling.  Leadership and responsibility is fostered through the selection of monitors to deliver the milk to classrooms, manage the storage of the milk and the recycling.

You Want to Know What People All Around The World Eat For Breakfast? Ask Us.

You  might have thought you were in France, Germany, the Philippines, Japan or Mexico if you arrived at Waimata School on Wednesday 31st of July for Breakfast!

We divided into groups and prepared the style of breakfast that people from different countries would traditionally eat.  There was French bread with maple syrup, tortillas, miso soup, fried rice and yummy cheese, sausage, brown bread and fresh fruit from Germany.

We learned that the climate in each country affects what is produced there and this in turn affects what people eat.

Lots of lovely fruit grows in the warm countries near the equator.